Danceworks 2020.... say what??!!

Updated: Jan 9

This is our very first season and we are beyond thrilled to announce that we have been selected to perform an evening length work at this years Danceworks 2020 sponsored by Cleveland Public Theater.

Sista, - CIRCLE!

We will be performing a piece entitled Sista, -CIRCLE! A celebration of the resiliency of the human spirit, Sista, -CIRCLE! is a demonstration of the power of choosing self love, the promise of discovering connection, and the hope in finding community.  This evening length work unearths our traumatic legacy and declares the triumph in honoring the concept of Sankofa from Akan people of Ghana- you must reach back to reclaim what was lost in order to move forward.

“...Black folk endured every social ill known to humankind: poverty, ignorance, brutality and stupor. And, almost mystically beside all of it: the most lyrical strengths and joys the soul can encompass.” - Lorraine Hansberry.


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