Preparing for our "Last Laugh"

Although the world has slowed down, artists still must create. For us, it is essential business.

The company is excitedly working on our world primiere work for the Mojuba! Black Dance Fest, which will be held virtually this November.

The piece is an excerpt of the full evening lengths work "Sista, -Circle!." It examines some of the hardships that Black women have had to endure and the potential last imprints of trauma if there is not an effort to chose joy.

"The Last Laugh" is a war cry and a affirmation to chose joy over pain, happiness over sadness, and unity over isolation, not at the expense of self but in honoring all that it took you to get there.

Register for the Mojuba! Black Dance Fest today to check out this world premiere work, take classes, and so much more!

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