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in the title, the Callisto Nightlight is a theme that emulates a night light. You have to download a theme from the Microsoft Store and have that theme installed in order to have the Nightlight feature. References External links Callisto Nightlight on Windows Blog Category:Windows 10Cancer cell heterogeneity is a significant barrier to clinical cure. Many conventional chemotherapeutic agents function by inducing lethality in a subpopulation of cells. In contrast, recent evidence suggests that stem cells may contribute to the vast majority of cancers. Stem cells in general, and CSCs in particular, play a central role in the malignant process, and serve as an important therapeutic target for elimination of disease. Despite the high frequency of CSCs in diverse tumors and the promising therapeutic potential of targeting these cells, little is known about the mechanisms of CSC generation, maintenance, and responsiveness to therapy. The quiescent properties of CSCs provide a potential explanation for their persistence in tumors despite conventional chemotherapeutic approaches. It is generally accepted that the heterogeneous CSC populations within tumors are quiescent and able to survive and regenerate the bulk of the tumor. As such, it is not surprising that CSCs exhibit distinct cell cycle regulation, and are less susceptible to drug-induced cell death. In addition, CSCs may enter a dormant state via the alternative cell cycle pathways of senescence or apoptosis. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small non-coding RNAs that regulate protein expression. MicroRNAs can directly target mRNA for degradation or post-transcriptional silencing and alter the stability of the target mRNA. MicroRNAs have recently been shown to play a role in stem cell regulation and the regulation of CSCs. U.S. Patent Application Publication US 2007/0253430 to Davis et al. discloses antisense miRNA nucleotides and methods of reducing cancer cell viability. However, this reference does not teach or suggest the use of specific miRNA in cancer cell stem cells or cancer stem cells to reduce the stem cell population or selectively inhibit CSCs. The present invention is directed to overcoming these and other deficiencies in the art. netstandard2.0




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