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Mojuba! Dance Collective (MDC) seeks to celebrate and acknowledge the stories and experiences of the African American narrative whilst honoring the cultural and spiritual dance traditions of the African Diaspora.

'Mojuba' is a Yoruba term which loosely means the art of offering reverence. In this way, we seek to celebrate, preserve and explore the narratives and artistic contributions of Black America. We strive to call into question that which we think about ourselves, our society, and our culture. It is our great pleasure to preserve and explore Black cultural identity as we challenge the mainstream.



The vision of Mojuba! Dance Collective is rooted in the promotion of cultural awareness and self empowerment. Our work seeks to restore pride and reestablish a sense of community. We aim to create communal experiences that foster cross dialogue that is mutually beneficial for both arts facilitators and the community. We are inspired to unearth the stories that celebrate, reclaim and rectify the at times tumultuous histories of African descendants. 

It is our intention to preserve our culture, challenge our society and validate our experiences by expanding or exploring the black narrative through the medium of dance.

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