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Our Summer Cultural Arts Dance Camp is set for Ages 8-12! Get ready to groove, leap, and twirl your way through a week of fun-filled dance exploration. Our camp is designed to inspire young dancers of all levels to discover the joy of movement while fostering creativity, confidence, and teamwork. Each day, campers will embark on a dance adventure led by experienced instructors passionate about teaching and nurturing young talent. From Dunham to jazz, hip-hop to contemporary, our diverse curriculum rooted in dances of the African Diaspora offers something for every budding dancer to enjoy. In addition to learning exciting dance routines, campers will participate in engaging workshops and activities that enhance their technique, musicality, and performance skills. They'll also have the opportunity to unleash their creativity through choreography sessions, where they can express themselves and choreograph their own dances. But it's not just about dancing! Our camp also promotes friendship and camaraderie through team-building exercises, games, and collaborative projects. Whether it's making new friends or reconnecting with old ones, our campers are sure to forge lasting memories and bonds. Join us this summer for an unforgettable dance experience where every step leads to smiles, laughter, and applause. Let's dance our way into a summer full of culture, rhythm, and joy!

Join us on this thrilling adventure of culture and movement to gain insights into the world of dance professionals and participate in the techniques and practices embraced by Mojuba! Dance Collective. Prepare to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Africanist dance while gaining invaluable insights into the business and professional aspects of the dance industry. Led by Mojuba! company members and industry professionals, our intensive program offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines rigorous dance training with practical knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in dance. In the Africanist Dance component, participants will explore the vibrant rhythms, movements, and traditions rooted in various African cultures. From new-traditional West African dances and Dunham based modern, to Afrobeat and Afrofusion styles, dancers will delve into the diverse expressions of Africanist dance forms. Through intensive technique classes, choreography workshops, and cultural studies, participants will deepen their understanding and appreciation of Africanist dance while honing their technical proficiency and artistry. In the Dance Business & Profession Training component, participants will learn essential skills and strategies to navigate the dance industry with confidence and professionalism. From marketing and branding to financial management and networking, our expert instructors will provide practical guidance tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities within the dance field. Participants will also gain insight into career pathways, audition techniques, contract negotiation, and other aspects of the dance profession, empowering them to pursue their passion with purpose and resilience. Throughout the intensive, participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, Q&A sessions, and hands-on activities aimed at developing their entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills. Whether aspiring to become professional dancers, choreographers, educators, or arts administrators, this intensive equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to thrive in today's dance landscape. Join us for an immersive journey into the world of Africanist dance and dance entrepreneurship, where creativity meets commerce and passion paves the way to success. Let's dance, learn, and grow together on this exciting path towards realizing our dreams in dance.

Doing it for the Culture

Within the vibrant and robust arts scene of Cleveland, Ohio, The Mojuba! Center for Dance and Culture is nestled in downtown Bedford and offers a beautiful space to connect to self, community, and culture. With an array of movement and cultural offerings, there is something here for all ages and abilities. 

We are committed to preserving the culture of the Black and African Diaspora and amplifying marginalized voices by offering classes and events that share the rich vibrancy of our community.

Young Ballet Dancer


We understand fully the healing power of dance and community. We strive to provide supportive and community centered programming for youth and adults. Let us support you on your journey. See what we have to offer you and your family! 


Classes are offered in 6-8 week sessions. We have a rotating roster of dynamic instructors in dance forms and expressions of the Black and African Diaspora. 

General Schedule

We are on break from the summer and hope you can join is for one of our summer camps or intensives


Image by Moses Janga

Youth Classes

Classes for youth are held in 6-8 week modules with rotating genres and instructors

Dancing with Headphones

Adult Classes

Classes for adults are held in 6-8 week modules with rotating genres and instructors

Sitting Meditation

Community Dance

Community classes for all ages are held in 6-8 week modules with rotating instructors from Mojuba! and invited guests


Having proper attire is an important part of your participation. Please be advised of the dress requirements for each class. Students are invited to wear lappas (or wrap skirts) if appropriate.


We custom make and house many of the items such as lappas and tights needed for class. Inquire or visit our lobby to purchase.


There is ample free parking across the street from our location in an open parking lot and on the street.


The Mojuba! Center for Dance and Culture (MCDC) strives to create space to share and preserve the culture of the Diaspora. We honor our sacred traditions and ways of knowing. We value the essence of our culture within all we do.

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