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Our Vision

EM aims to help reduce suffering by advancing movement as an intervention to solve, educate, and heal.   The organization advocates for dance as an essential component of overall well being, and is passionate about integrating dance education with cultural and life experiences that support personal evolution and inspire excellence.


Our Values

This organization is committed to developing resourceful collaborations that support community-centered program offerings in movement based, somatic practices for all ages and abilities.  The organization strives to improve quality of life strategies through regular class offerings, workshops, consultation, artistic support, and public performance.   

EM recognizes the importance of community, and to this end strives to develop a welcoming environment which celebrates the unique cultural contributions of underserved groups.  We are artist-driven, and strive to create partnerships that support the common good of the at-promise communities in which they serve. The organization dedicates itself to engage audiences in a cultural exchange of ideas that encourage solidarity and lifelong inquiry.


Our Objective & Purpose

a. To promote physical and spiritual health and wellness through dance

b. To provide instruction in dance forms such as ballet, African, modern and
   liturgical dance;

c. To involve the community, of all ages and abilities, in public performances in   
   dance forms and creative dramatics;

d. To sponsor special events involving the public performance of any or all of the
 above art forms as well as other performing arts by the corporation’s performing dance troupes, as well as other community performing arts groups;

e.  To address, when possible, social issues of health disparities and cultural Identity

f.  To directly engage in and to provide facilities and opportunities for others to engage in the promotion of the arts, generally.


How We Do This






Through classes, workshops, and performance opportunities, EM engages in physical activity (dance) with and for the community with the overall aim of improving health outcomes for underserved groups.

EM boosts a family atmosphere that honors culture and encourages connection .

Self reflective study and therapeutic strategy is employed in classes, workshops, sessions to encourage personal and group spiritual growth and evolution.

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